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A day with Marianela Acuña

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Entrance of Fe y Justicia

It was a bright and beautiful day at the Fe y Justicia headquarters.

Marianela Acuña

Marianela Acuña is the executive director of Fe y Justicia. Acuña protects the immigrant community against wage theft, a very common problem for undocumented people. Acuña loves her job and is passionate to help those in need.

Marianela  Acuña’s calendar

Acuña has a calendar to keep track of her daily activities. It helps her keep up with the immigrant community. In 2018 it was recorded that 170 cases summing to $557,940 were stolen in compensation for workers.

Ningun ser humano es ilegal

At the entrance, there hangs a sign that says “Ningún Ser Humano es Ilegal” meaning “No Human Being is Illegal”.

Picture by: Maria Mendoza

Everyday Fe y Justicia works diligently on helping the immigrant community in Houston.



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