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Who Is Mike?

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Growing up I didn’t know who the Chicago Bulls were. To be completely honest, I only knew about Michael Jordan because of Space Jam, but even then I only knew two things about him: that he was the greatest of all time and the biggest jerk on the planet.

Two Parts

As in two parts to every story, one we think we know, and one told by the man himself and of course, the parts we got today. ESPN just released parts one and two of a 10-part docuseries “The Last Dance.” Light is finally shed for us who are now wondering, who is Mike?

Like many athletes, Jordan came from humble beginnings, but the difference is he didn’t want to be like many athletes.

Eat, Sleep, Basketball and Repeat

As a rookie for the Chicago Bulls the “Traveling Cocaine Circus” was not the team he was expecting to be a part of, but can we blame him? He chose to keep to himself because he didn’t want to get in trouble. Isn’t that what leaders do? His only option was to eat, sleep, basketball and repeat. Which is every coach’s dream, but some saw that as, “this kid already thinks he’s better than the whole team” which we came to find out wasn’t all true.


This docuseries is not only about Jordan, we get sibling rivalry, athleticism, teamwork, history, inspiration and also introduces Jerry Krause who at the time was the Bulls General Manager and what was going on with Scottie Pippen. We love it when tea is spilled and turns out, it was scalding! I’m pretty sure everyone who was watching including me would be binge-watching all 10 episodes tonight if we could.

Let’s Gooo

Even though we don’t have any sports at the moment, “The Last Dance” really got us excited although it was the shortest two hours of my life.

It’s beautiful when sports can bring people together and give us something to look forward to. Whether you hate or love MJ, if you’re wondering if it’s worth watching, it is!






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