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UFC Fights That Should Happen in The Future

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For the last 27 years, the UFC has put on thousands of fights in order to give their fanbase a show but Covid-19 has forced the company to cancel planned upcoming events. President Dana White had tried scheduling fights during the pandemic even claiming there was a fight island being built but has had no success yet. Many fans are now awaiting the return of the octagon with the hope of big fights to happen in 2020 and heading into the future. 

Jorge Masvidal vs Kamaru Usman 

  • Kamaru Usman is coming off a brutal knockout victory against Colby Covington at UFC 245 and has stated his desire to defend his title once again against another a top tier opponent. With that, Usman is not shying away about a potential fight against Jorge” Gambred” Masvidal. Jorge Masvidal built up his resume in 2019 after returning from a 2-year absence. His impressive year started with his brutal knockout of Darren Till and then beat the undefeated Ben Askren in just 5 seconds earning him the fastest finish in UFC history. After his victory came a date against Nate Diaz for the highly anticipated BMF title bout which ended abruptly with a cut in favor of Masvidal. Both Usman and Masvidal have been jawing back and forth on social media calling each other out and even got into a verbal altercation at a Superbowl event back in January. It’s no secret that fans want to see the BMF and the welterweight champion square off for the title in the octagon.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson

  • The fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov has been long overdue. Regarded as one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history has actually been a roller coaster. The fight has been scheduled and cancelled five times in the last five years with the latest being at April’s cancelled UFC 249 event. The reasons of cancellations range from injuries to the travel ban due to the Corona Virus.  Some experts such as Joe Rogan has called the fight cursed as a reason for it not happening. Nurmagomedov has expressed his need to fight the #1 contender in need for his legacy while Ferguson wants the lightweight title back after he was stripped two years ago due to injury. Fans have expressed their frustrations of the cancellations but many still have hope that a sixth scheduled fight will prove who the best lightweight is. 

  Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Georges St-Pierre

  • Yes the Tony and Khabib matchup needs to happen but what would be next for Nurmagomedov if he was to win? Some may say a rematch with Conor McGregor but the lightweight champion has put rematch talks aside. I believe to really cement his legacy, the 28-0 Nurmagomedov has to face who is regarded as one of the all-time greats in Georges St-Pierre. The last time we saw the former welterweight champion was in 2017 when he returned to win the middleweight title from Michael Bisping. Soon after he relinquished his newly won championship and in 2019 retired from MMA. Both men have talked about a potential super-fight with Khabib wanting his legacy known as being the greatest fighter of all-time while St- Pierre discussed wanting to be a champion in three different weight divisions. Nurmagomedov’s wrestling against St-Pierre’s wrestling would be a technical sight to see. If this were to happen, this matchup would be considered one of the most anticipated super fights between an all-time great and an undefeated champion. 

Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa 

  • During the two years since his UFC debut, Adesanya quickly climbed the ranks of the division and became the middleweight champion. Despite defending his title against Yoel Romero at UFC 248 in a unanimous decision, people criticized the fight as not delivering behind the hype. This criticism also came from contender Paulo Costa who has already voiced his dislike of Adesanya on multiple occasions even going as far as calling him a “ shameful” champion. The undefeated Costa has been on the rise even defeating Yoel Romero himself. Both Adesanya and Costa were originally supposed to meet but an injury to Costa changed those plans and the replacement was Yoel Romero. Adasanya fired back at the criticism with the promise to knock out Costa in the potential future. With that, fans can’t argue that the animosity thats been building between the two should be settled inside of the octagon for the middleweight title. 

 Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz III

  • Both Diaz and Mcgregor have had a history spanning back to 2016 during their first meeting. What started as a lightweight title fight for McGregor against Rafael Dos Anjos ended up becoming a rivalry against Nate Diaz that would cultivate both men’s career to the next level. The outcome of the first fight would see Diaz shock the UFC world and submit McGregor in the second round giving him his first UFC loss. The animosity grew between the two leading up to the highly anticipated grudge match even at a point where bottles were being thrown at the fight’s press conference. The fight backed up the hype as both men gave it their all in their bloody brawl but McGregor would win the rematch via unanimous decision. Three years later, Nate Diaz returned to the UFC for the first time since the rematch going 1-1 in his last two fights while Conor returned himself back in January gaining a knockout victory. Both McGregor and Diaz have hinted at a trilogy bout on social media giving fans interest in a third slug fest which would settle the rivalry and see who the better fighter is. 

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