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Ashley Gomez

Ashley Gomez

Ketelsen Elementary, of the Near Northside, partners with community members and non-profit organizations to debut the reconstruction of a neighborhood SPARK during a dedication ceremony Wednesday.

Student decorated banners and live music filled the streets of the Greater Northside Monday morning as schools join together to march in an effort to increase voter turnout.

  The American Jewish Committee and the Kinder Institute at Rice University hosted an immigration summit at Rice on Tuesday, to address the cost savings of implementing immigration reform in Texas. The AJC’s Bridging America Project provides communities with programs and public education to achieve local support for immigration reform. The summit was led by a panel of …

  Efforts to recapture Mexican-American culture in Houston high schools could result in a La Raza Studies program for future students. “You’re never too young to learn about where you came from…It’s good to learn your heritage and family history,” said recent graduate Yvette Cortez. Cortez, the 2011 Jeff Davis …