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Felipe Campos

Felipe Campos

  The Venture spent some time with Patricia Gras, a true inspiration to Latinas. Gras is a TV host and producer of Living Smart with Patricia Gras at Houston PBS and although she is no longer a staff member with PBS, the show will continue airing this year. She now …

  The Rudolph Blume Projects art gallery is having a group show named “Currents” with an array of different artists sharing different ideas. “Currents” features Charlie Morris, a contemporary artist from San Antonio and University of Houston professor.  His works have been showcased in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, New York, …

Nano, the EGMN mascot, is lost at the UH vs. SMU game. The last time someone saw him, he was buying overpriced Case Keenum gear. Find him before his scheduled half-time dance show with Shasta!

Political cartoon- Fidel and Saddam encourage Gadhafi to keep fighting

College students desperate for parking spots as enrollment climbs.

The media spotlight continues to shine on TSA. Its officers have been under heavy scrutiny by the public for their methods of resolving suspected threats on minors. Political cartoonist, Felipe Campos, gives you his take on Security Theater.