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Rick Custer

Rick Custer

Rick is a graduate of the BFA Photography/Digital Media program at the University of Houston. When he isn't working with his contract Physical Therapy business, Rick is a freelance photographer working primarily in the Houston-area heavy metal community.

Morbid Angel played a packed House Of Blues Houston on Sunday, June 25, 2017.  Support for Morbid Angel came from Withered, Revocation, and Suffocation.  A last minute local slot was made available to Houston-based Desecrate The Faith. All pictures by Rick Custer and taken at House Of Blues Houston.

It’s been 3 years since Morbid Angel last visited Houston. The band was then on tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of “Covenant,” an album many consider to be a death metal classic. This time, however, there is a new lineup. Steve Tucker made his return to the …

The Houston Cougars survive only their second one-possession game of the season as they improve to 9-0, defeating the Cincinnati Bearkats 33-30. The Cougars move to #16 in the AP Poll before preparing to face their biggest challenge of the season, #25 Memphis. Photos by Rick Custer

Alfred Steiglitz once said that he photographed the clouds to try to discover what he learned in 40 years of photography. My own motivation in photographing the clouds is to see what I’ve learned in those 40 years of life I have lived.

My wife and I were at a friend’s house for a combination birthday and Easter celebration. I was sitting in a chair and reading a message that had come through on my phone. Suddenly, 2 young girls ran loudly by me. I looked up at the distraction. While the perpetrators …

    Up to this point, I have only heard 1 dimension of Cartier-Bression’s “Decisive Moment.” The dimension revealed was that the photograph hinged on catching that particular moment that defined the image. I was never aware that Cartier-Bresson wrote in-depth about this topic. Admittedly, I never really looked into …