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Villanova Wildcats claim their second title in three years – third in school history – after defeating the Michigan Wolverines, 79-62. Photos by Andre Brooks

Panic! At the Disco and One Republic put on a show for the fans at the Final Four Music Fest in San Antonio, TX Photos by Andre Brooks & Francisco Casillas

There was no miracle, no magical moment in the end as the Layola Ramblers saw the dream of being in the championship game shattered. Loyola fans watched in disbelief as the final seconds of the game hit triple zeros, the harsh reality of the end of their Cinderella story settling …

Michigan slays Loyola’s Cinderella run after rallying from double digits and win the game, 67-59.   Photos by Andre Brooks

Ontario Arrows draw the Houston Sabercats, 28-28, on their last game of preseason.   Photos by Francisco Casillas

Houston Dynamo opens their season at home with a, 4-0, shutout against Atlanta FC.     Photos by Andre Brooks

Texas A&M Aggies rugby hold off the LSU Tigers for a, 29-14, victory at Constellation Field in Sugar Land, TX.   Photos by Francisco Casillas

Houston Cougars hit the century mark on their, 109-58 win against the ECU Pirates.     Photos by André Brooks

The latest exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, HOME—So Different, So Appealing truly challenges the notion of the role a home plays. From showcasing the relationship a father and son have despite their living conditions to featuring a cabin that ingeniously ties Martha Stewart and the Unabomber together, …

I love the smell of coffee, I can’t fully wake up without 2-3 cups of coffee daily! With that being said here are some of my favorite coffee shops around downtown Houston. One of my favorite coffee shops is hands down Tout Suite. Located in 2001 Commerce St, this coffee shop is …