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BLOG: Let’s Be Frank by Fedell Price II

For the pure sports enthusiast and the up-to-date crowd alike, who recognizes first what’s trending, Let’s Be Frank is your blog source for what’s hot, NOW! If it’s happening now, and it matters to you, we aim to be your complete source. If you are ready to go beyond the raw stats and get the stories behind what makes data so fantastic, again, we are the “ones to watch!” With Let’s Be Frank, you won’t get an array of “he say she say” rehash, or a bunch of canned posts and opinion lifted directly.

Pantsuit Nation, a secret Facebook group created by mother of two Libby Chamberlain, grew to more than a million members as Hillary Clinton’s campaign reached the final stages heading into Election Day. For Chamberlain, Pantsuit Nation’s purpose was to provide a safe space to express the possibility of having our …

You’ve seen them around campus dunking on students. If you haven’t then you’ve most likely stumbled across their videos through a Social Media platform. They go by the name of Papas. They include electrical engineer major Wesam Hindi, business major Mamoon Hindi, kinesiology major Mehdi Hindi, business major Mohamad Fattouh and …

It seems that for ages, women have expressed that they take particular notice of a man’s shoes to determine his character and competence. Now, it seems that a man’s choice of socks is also informative of his personality.

There are about five million other followers who can’t get their eyes off of the 21-year-old who does a lot of leg and squat workouts. “

Do women feel pressured to engage in butt work outs to be noticed by men, compete with other women, or is there some health issue that has been lost in the fine print?