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Important Hispanic and Latinos

Chris Bell ran for mayor in 2001, but was defeated by incumbent Lee P. Brown. Will 2015 be the year for the former city council member?

Despite being defeated by Annise Parker in 2013, former city attorney Ben Hall is ready for a second round in Houston’s mayoral election.

Take a look at The House that Ching Built, a partnership between Habitat for Humanity and a former Houston Dynamo player that builds houses for families in need.

Minerva Perez discusses the release of her autobiography and from where the inspiration was derived.

Before fulfilling her 10-year-long dream of starting her own clothing line aimed at female soccer fans, Laura Velasquez had to face several hardships in her life that taught her the value of handwork. SoccerChik by Laura Velasquez, recently celebrated its one year anniversary and new clothing line. For more information …

As obesity continues to grow in America, Lorenzo Diaz, who despite being born with one hand, challenged the status quo in his junior year of high school by embarking on a healthier and more active lifestyle. Attending a college preparatory high school with an eight-hour school day, Diaz was juggling …

Born in Dallas, Texas, Beatriz Flores has been successful on many levels. Her parents from Uruguay descent moved to the United States in 1967.

Born in El Salvador, Hernandez came to the U.S. and developed a passion for helping others that spans the globe.

As a paralegal program director at San Jacinto College North since 1999, each semester he’s met unique students with a goal in mind, to serve the community in legal matters.