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Important Hispanic and Latinos

Born in El Salvador, Hernandez came to the U.S. and developed a passion for helping others that spans the globe.

As a paralegal program director at San Jacinto College North since 1999, each semester he’s met unique students with a goal in mind, to serve the community in legal matters.

Endorsement deals such as Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Cover Girl, and PETA have kept Esparza busy, but she now plans to make education a priority.

Ford Atlas Concept is the future vision for pickup trucks

Ford lanza por primera vez en la industria automotriz el programa

Aside from its hotspots and many attractions, Austin has a variety of buildings and is unique when it comes to architecture[…]

The Mexic-Arte museum located on Congress Ave in downtown Austin is the place to be. Composed of artifacts and paintings, this museum presents traditional and contemporary Mexican, Latino, and Latin America art[…]

​Terry’s Texas Rangers were a group of volunteers for the Confederate Army during the Civil War who became one of the most successful mounted forces in history.

    The Tejano Monument in Austin Texas was unveiled to the community on March of 2012. The monument was established to serve as a memorial to recognize Spanish-Mexican culture. After almost a year since its ribbon cutting ceremony, who is truly stopping by to check out this new monument? A …