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The Venture photographer Matthew A. Barrett satirized some of the best moments to show much of a dark comedy this election has really been.

The University of Houston’s decision to host the GOP debate on Feb. 25 has sparked a protest among students and community members calling on the masses to “Dump Trump”.

Judge Andrew Hanen announced on Tuesday a temporary injunction to President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration. It is important to point out these key points with this new ruling: 1) This is only a delay of the order, not a permanent cancellation. 2) This does not apply to those …

    In one of the most hotly contested Houston City Council races, businessman Ben Mendez was able to utilize his February campaign start to out-fundraise his closest opponent, Leticia Ablaza, by over $67,000. “We have walked various neighborhoods and listened to the concerns of residents in District I. The …

The Ides of March is a political drama done right. It favors human drama in place of quick edits and heavy exposition that have mired the genre lately and is filled with performances that are never hammy, a marvel for the hit-or-miss Hoffman and Giamatti.