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Valentine’s Day

Everyone experiences love in different ways, because love is not all the same. For this social experiment, we wanted to find out what love meant to each individual and what they would tell those that they love the most.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and some are willing to take extreme measures to secure a date for the special day.

Alba Areli and Jordan Hernandez were on a mission to find a Valentine as part of a social experiment. Each of them went up to random people asking them to be their Valentine to see how people would react. Some kindly declined, others ignored. However, both Areli and Hernandez found a found a sweetheart just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Most people have the misconception that on Valentine’s Day you must buy expensive gifts, but that’s not always the case.Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love and friendship. The truth is that sentimental gifts are often times of greater value than those that cost more. Besides the obvious gifts …